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"…the spaces we inhabit have the potential to express and nurture our purest selves.”

Leslie Williamson

I'm so glad you're here. My own journey to this point has been a meandering one -- including art, painting, graphic design, psychology, theology, chaplaincy and carpentry. Which is why when designing a space, or sourcing an object, I try to look beyond the immediate and think through how you live, how you experience it, what you see and do. These spaces and how you fill them matter: they're where you live your life. And as Ms. Williamson beautifully and succinctly put, that means everything.

The experiential nature of a space and relationships (between form and function, between objects, between person and object, between persons, between us and the environment) and are what drive my design and curating process (hence socius). I love experimentation; challenging creative problems; playing around with color and layout; and taking the worst spots and turning them into the most interesting ones. I'm always on the lookout for other artists and makers that honor the process and materials in which objects come into being; and then bringing their work to you.

I invite you to join me on this creative journey. Right now that includes work in general contracting, finish carpentry, painting, space and interior design; and most recently as a shop owner, where I sell a curated collection of home decor & accessories made by myself and others, and a growing collection of materials-- for renovation projects or your own creative endeavors. 


Follow me along on instagram (@sociusdesign), check out current and past projects, or dig around in the shop (if you create an account, you can even create a wishlist of your most loved items!). If you live locally, contact me with your project inquiries at or chat function at the bottom-right on our site.


May your spaces nurture you,

DJ Kautz

Owner .  Designer  .  Residential Contractor 

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